Finallists Fail the Game

March 12, 2012 at 6:24 pm 2 comments

It is a common fact in sport that when it comes to a final they rarely life up to expectations. The reason in the main being that both teams enter the game doing all that they can to make sure that they do not lose. History will show that those teams who enter finals and adopt a more attacking attitude frequently come away having put in a scintillating display, as before the other team can change their mindset the game is over.

The 2012 Football West Night Series, which was expanded this year to include all clubs that play on a Saturday produced some super football and some surprise results, which rattled the established clubs. It was a bold move and one that was an overall success, even though the final was in footballing terms a massive anti-climax.

The games governing body cops a fair amount of criticism from the clubs, sometimes warranted, sometimes a little unfair. However maybe the clubs need to also have a look at themselves as well.

Saturday night’s final witnessed a great crowd in attendance at BGC Stadium – Dorrien Gardens – and it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the game to potential sponsors. Yet the football served up by Perth and Bayswater City in the first 45 minutes was nothing short of disgraceful, with both teams guilty of flagrant diving and play acting. The refusal by three Perth players to walk away following the send off as the referee tried to discuss something with his assistant, was equally distasteful, and one wonders whether the referee should have carded all three. There was a suggestion where we were seated that Prize money should have been with-held and both teams charged with bringing the game into disrepute!

Everyone understands that both finalists want to win, but there is also a responsibility when you play in a showcase game, to ensure that you promote the best side of the game. You may not be able to play the best football, as the other teams tactics may well negate that, but nobody wants to witness two teams doing their utmost to get their opponents sent off, least of all potential sponsors! Something worth remembering when your club takes the field, more sponsors mean more prize money and the opportunity to promote the game to wider audience.

It was a disappointing end to a refreshed and successful Night Series. Here’s to an exciting season ahead!


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  • 1. Mauro  |  March 13, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    I agree in general that the game hasn’t been played at the best level and that both teams should have done more in terms of ‘playing’ rather than ‘destroy’. However, for us (Bayswater) was a huge game and the players entered the field with a bit of ‘fear’ as the majority of them have had never played a final in their lives!

    Moreover, we were playing the best team in WA at their home!!!

    I don’t think Bayswater should be blamed for the so called ‘poor show’ displayed (your opinion) but possibly Perth should take the big part of the blame if we want to be more accurate and express a fair judgment as they were playing home, they have 7/8 players with huge experience and class and at the end of the day they that just created a couple of half chances in the first half and only one (with the goal) in the second.

    I think that everyone was expecting much more from Perth rather than from Bayswater all considered: Bayswater did what it could, creating more chances, hit the bar once and paying in patches a better football all over the field even if certainly not the best one as played in other occasions. However, Perth won and I think they deserved only because they showed that at this level you need to be cynical and they certainly are.

    I think that overall the judgment in this article is a bit too hard and it doesn’t reflect the reality of the game that it has been played with a significant amount of intensity, technically at a good standard and with a great atmosphere.

    In conclusion, both teams wanted to win and Perth found a strong side to play against like it didn’t happen for long time…In fact, if this game is a bad advertising for football in WA and it doesn’t attract sponsors, what about the disgraceful Top 5 grand final last year??? I didn’t hear so many criticisms last year for the final as I’m hearing for this one… It looks a bit strange at least. At the end of the day this was just a Night Series final so still in pre-season!!!
    So, please, let’s be objective and consider all the elements involved before make any judgment.

    Thank you.

    Mauro Marchione

  • 2. notthefootyshow  |  March 13, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    Mauro, I do appreciate that it was a big game for Bayswater, the first Night Series final since 1987, so it was a massive game, and congratulations to all concerned.

    I do agree that the game should have been played on a neutral ground and quite how it could be played at Perth’s home ground is down to bad administration, but this sadly happens frequently.

    As for last year’s Grand Final, Sorrento did not show up, and were completely outclassed on the day. Sadly the scoreline was not good for the game, but it did reflect the performances on the day.

    Mauro, I know that you always try and have your teams play football, and that is too be commended. The first half saw probably four minutes of genuine skilful play. You are probably correct that you were more sinned against that sinners, and being two rival Italian clubs there was an edge to the game.

    The second half as you rightly say you tried to play football and stretched Perth and in truth should have won. They however punished you for one mistake and were more ruthless. That is why they are so successful.

    However if they want to win trophies behaving the way that they did in the first half then I for one do not want to witness it.

    We genuinely wish you and your club all the best in the coming season and hope you continue to try and entertain as you try and win the league. Something not possible every week, we do know!


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