Who Should Stay and Who Should Go now?

December 14, 2013 at 11:08 pm 5 comments

As many fans predicted Perth Glory are once again about to embark on crisis talks falling the fall out from Friday night’s behind-closed doors player revolt. News that has wearying regularity about it.

Disputes happen at every football club and the nature of the game means that they are invariably heated. The key is to keep them in house. Perth Glory however is now embroiled in a dispute that will have fans and the media focussed on finding out exactly what is happening within the club.

There are several issues that are disappointing to the fans of the club. First of all that 24 hours after the heated exchanges in the dressing rooms at AAMI Park in Melbourne, there has been no official statement from the club. A move that leads to more speculation.

It has been reported since the coach arrived back in Perth that the club’s future will be without either the coach Alistair Edwards or the captain Jacob Burns. Edwards is reported to have said that he could not guarantee Burns a place in the starting line up or that he would play for the Glory again.

The big question that needs to be asked is how could the situation inside the dressing room have escalated to such a point without being broached earlier?

The coach is in charge of all matters to do with football and the team, and that is how it should be, but one would expect the CEO and the owner to be aware of the simmering mood of discontent, and to intervene before it escalated to the events of Friday evening. As far as Not the Footy Show can ascertain no such intervention was ever broached.

Running a football club or any sporting club is a unique situation, it is not like many normal everyday businesses, as although based on results, man management is a crucial component. They are a powder keg of egos waiting to be ignited on the pitch, but if poorly handled will explode off of it. Winning frequently hides many issues, losing sees them boil to the surface.

It would appear that man management and communication are the two areas where the club has slipped up and why it once again finds itself in the position it is in. One thing is for sure someone is going to have to leave the club to draw a line in the sand and allow the club to move forward.

It is another very sad day for Perth Glory fans and sponsors, who at the start of the season thought that the club was on a path back to the good old Glory days.

If as reported the senior players are in the main upset with the perceived nepotism shown by Edwards, who signed and has been playing his sons Cameron and Ryan, then the situation is going to be a very hard one to resolve, and convince the players otherwise. Edwards said when he signed his sons that he expected criticism and he was prepared for it. The way he resolves this situation will show just how prepared he was.


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  • 1. Eamon  |  December 14, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    My opinion is probably both should go. Ali because of the Nepotism and Jacob because of the outburst, but then again as captain maybe Jacob had a mandate from the majority of players who are quite fed up with the way Ali is handling things.

  • 2. Super sub  |  December 15, 2013 at 12:11 am

    Personally I believe Edwards should go. Ryan is not a number 10 and yet he has persevered with him in that role at the expense of the team. Cameron simply should not be in the team. Leaving Burns on the bench whether you like him or not was stupid. He is a key player and the captain. After kicking up such a stink about his suspension you make the club look stupid leaving him out.

    Time to go Alistair, sorry but you let this situation get out of control. Coaching is about man management and maybe coaching kids has not taught you that. Brought this upon the club and yourself.

  • 3. Eamon  |  December 15, 2013 at 9:26 am

    Yeah Super sub I agree. This is all his own doing, he was setting the family up and did not really care the impact it was having on the club. Blinkered approach and no man management skills. We need a proper coach and not an FFA reject development one.

  • 4. Not the Footy Show  |  December 15, 2013 at 9:58 am

    I think the Glory will try and work through it with no one leaving until the January transfer window, but that to me shows a flaw in the clubs leadership. You cannot have the captain and leading players clash with the coaching staff in front of the younger players and shake hands and continue as if nothing is happening.

    Jacob should have played end of. He is the captain who was handed an unfair suspension and therefore should have been restored to the starting line up. I agree it is a man management issue.

    Many will say that Alistair has a three year contract, my understanding is he has one full of KPI’s that should he fail to make the finals he can be released. With Glory outside the top six at this point in time that may not help his cause.

    To play with an Oscar Wilde quote – To sign one son may be regarded as a fortunate; to sign both looks like opportunism.

  • 5. Colin Sharland  |  December 15, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    I am totally disappointed that the club has not made a statement to its members, let alone its fans, media and sponsors. It has now been close to 48 hours since the incident and we are still left up to our own resources (club leaks) to guess what’s going on. Unfortunately this club seems to shoot itself in the foot every season while the club’s media personnel keep schtum. As for deflating the issue to the point that it can be sorted how will it be done. From my point of view the club has possibly 4 options. Option 1 – Do nothing and hope it goes away. Option 2 – Stand down Alistair Edwards to the Youth League as his skills are at the development level. Option 3 – Cut the skipper loose as his career is almost at an end anyway or Option 4 – Release his (Edwards) sons to play elsewhere in the A-League. NONE of these options will work however, simply because I doubt very much that Alistair would accept the demotion. And if he did he would have resentment towards the club as he would feel they didn’t have his back. Jacob Burns as Captain of the club has every right to question the selection process when there seems to be a perceived bias. He has the backing of 90% of the players and would the club be prepared for a walkout of senior players in the January transfer window. Even at 35 Burns has the potential to play for another two year (injuries aside) and he is a natural leader. And you don’t leave your skipper on the bench for the whole game EVER. The club decided to have a backbone of senior players to assist the younger players and I cannot see them now renigging on the deal. They (the club) can’t do nothing as there is too much momentum gathering from Media, Members and probably Sponsors. And the FFA would be watching this incident like vultures over a corpse. The Edwards boys could leave but then its not their fault to be put in this position and for myself it would not be seen to be part of natural justice if they did. The club needs to make it clear to all parties concerned that the team is picked by the Manager (whoever that may be), and his team. If you want to play show commitment, pride for the club and shirt and don’t air your dirty laundry in public. Otherwise why have a gaffer in the first place. Saying that though the game and our club with its history has no place for nepotism. Come on Glory we’re better than this.


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