A Fail For Ten

July 28, 2014 at 9:09 am 1 comment

There are many around the world who will tell you the standard of journalism has dropped in recent years as news outlets look to get news out fast on the internet rather than check facts and research a story. Equally frustrating is the behaviour of some in the media by those in the media.

Those serious journalists who covered the Usain Bolt press conference at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow must have been shaking their heads and cringing at some of the questioning the Jamaican sprinter had to endure. Bolt furrowed his brow and shook his head as he was asked what his opinion was on the situation in Gaza, on the Scottish referendum and which team he supported at the recent FIFA World Cup and which game did he think was the best. He was even asked if he had ever worn a kilt.

Not surprisingly Bolt looked thoroughly annoyed by such questions and having to endure them. He was there as the fastest man on earth, as an athlete to talk about his participation in the Commonwealth Games, and no doubt expected those in the room to respect that fact and ask him questions about the Games and his event the 4 X 100 relay.

From an Australian perspective it was embarrassing to have a representative from Channel Ten – the host broadcaster – Roz Kelly admitted when permitted to ask a question, that she was not actually there to ask a question about Bolt’s upcoming event and then asked if she could have a selfie with the star athlete. The mere fact that Channel Ten actually aired such a question and then the act of Kelly and the egotistical Sam Mac pushing in on the photo was even more embarrassing. Yet Channel Ten instead of clipping all concerned around the ear, happily sent the photo out on Twitter. These supposed journalists are in Glasgow as representatives of Australia and Channel Ten and not there for a good time. They are there to work. The fact that Channel Ten actually thought this was entertaining is even scarier.

There is no doubting that Channel Ten’s Coverage is a massive improvement on Channel Nine’s efforts at the Olympic Games, but why if you have bought the rights to broadcast the Games do you not show them? Last night at around 9pm Western Australia lost coverage and it did not come back until after midnight, while the Grand Prix, Masterchef and some other show were aired. Not great programming and very annoying for those who wanted to watch the Games. You have lost this viewer who has now switched to the BBC online as many others have done judging by social media. Wonder what your sponsors make of that?



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  • 1. All White  |  July 28, 2014 at 9:35 am

    That was cringeworthy. I was so embarrassed by Kelly’s question. As you say these people are supposed to be working, not having a great time. Sam Mac would have to be one of the most unamusing people on television along with Jimeon why the hell is he there? He thinks he is a bigger star than the athletes and that we actually care what he thinks. This is where the broadcast is falling over. The athletes are the stars not the presenters! Awful, truly awful.


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