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It was great to receive the press release from Football West announcing their newly elected Board members.

Before looking at these individuals a vote of thanks should be given to Rob MacKay who was forced to step down after serving two consecutive terms on the board. Rob has always been approachable and has represented the amateur game exceptionally well and has always put the game ahead of himself. He has been a credit to the board.

Henry Atturo was elected unopposed and local journalist Gary Adshead was also elected. Gary has always been involved in football and having had his father coach in the State League, in the A-League and at a World Cup, while he has covered World Cups he will bring a great deal of inside knowledge to the board.

What is baffling are the two other appointments, which appear to go against Football West’s constitution and thereby possibly render the election invalid.

Perth Glory Deputy Chairman Lui Guiliani and former Socceroos goalkeeper Jason Petkovic have been elected. It is very unlikely that Mr Guiliani has stepped won from his role at Perth Glory, so he therefore holds an official position at a club under Football West’s control now that Perth Glory are part of the NPL (Sticking to the Rules).

According to Cockburn City’s website Mr Petkovic is listed as a committee member at the club as well as a goalkeeping coach. Both official positions which render him ineligible. He could however have stepped down from both roles in order to stand for the board, and the club may well have not updated it’s website, but it would have been good to have some clarification from Football West.

What is a concern is the constitution is a legal document. The rules and regulations must be adhered to. These have been registered and are legally binding. There are a number of professional businessmen on the board who should be well aware of this and therefore one wonders why at least one of these candidates was not disqualified. Remember Football West ignored the constitution in regards to postal applications for the Standing Committee elections, surely they are not doing the same again?

What is a greater concern is the Standing committee elects the board members. How come those involved in the election do not know the constitution under which the game is supposed to be run?

Former Perth Glory CEO Paul Kelly who was a Board member of Football West stepped down from his position on the board after a perceived conflict of interest. What makes Mr Guiliani’s appointment any different. Perth Glory is a privately owned and run football club that is constantly looking to gain the best local talent for its youth teams. Having the Vice Chairman of the club on the Board of Football West is a massive conflict of interest, and quite simply should never be permitted.

Yet unless the football community find a voice, it will be and the constitution may as well be torn up and thrown in the bin.

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