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Give ’em the Byrd

Congratulations to golfer Jonathan Byrd on winning the three-man play off Sunday in the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital Open in Las Vegas in spectacular fashion with a hole in one on the fourth play-off hole.

It was definitely Byrd’s lucky day as he was fortunate to still be involved in the play offs. On the third playoff hole, the par-4 18th, his approach shot went over the green and was one bounce away from going into the water. It settled in a clump of grass, and then he chipped to about two metres away and made the par putt.

After that hole he stood on the 18th green with play-off contenders Martin Laird and Cameron Percy and they discussed whether there was enough light to continue. They all agreed to play one more hole, the 204-yard 17th.
It was so dark Byrd was apparently unable to see his ball land about three metres short of the flag and proceed to roll into the hole. There were even only a handful of fans to witness the decisive shot.

Byrd, won $774,000 and after his victory was quoted as saying “It’s kind of hard to process. … I thought I hit it too far. And I couldn’t see anything.”


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A Million Reasons To Smile

As if the top sportsmen needed another big payday, but you have to give Kodak marks out of ten for innovation.

The Kodak Challenge is a chance for the top golf pros to add a little more to their bank balance in what we think is a great idea.

Kodak have picked 30 of the most picturesque holes on the PGA tour, the golfers need to play 18 of these holes and the golfer with the lowest 18 hole score at the end of the season will walk away with the prize money of $1 million.

Iconic holes such as Liberty National’s par three 14th Kapalua’s par five 18th and Pebble Beach’s 18th are featured.

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Keeping Up with The Smiths

Her Dad won 7 tournaments when he was a pro, and now Kristie Smith is hot on his heels of father Wayne, and she is only 21 years old.

In February of this year Kristie won her first pro title the inaugural Royal Canberra Ladies Classic. Last weekend she won the Daytona Beach Invitational by two shots over Gerina Mendoza of New Mexico.

The 21 year old from Perth is in her second season on the Futures Tour having played nine events there in 2009.

Smith has had two other top ten finishes in her first two events of the season and is now third on the 2010 money list.

The top ten on the money list at the end of the season earn the right to play the LPGA Tour in 2011 and with this win behind her many are tipping that Kristie will choose to spend more time in the US rather than in Europe where she has full playing rights on the Ladies European Tour.

Well done Kristie and glad to see the wrist is holding up after it held you back last year!

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Greens Illegal Lie, But Play on

Of the 20 or so golf courses in Beijing only one has been developed legally according to a member of the law committee in China’s parliament said.

The Chinese government put a moratorium on the development of new golf courses in 2004 due to concerns over land grabs for well positioned farming land, and they reinforced the ban last year.

The China Golf Association (CGA) puts the number of courses on the mainland at around 500, with most courses centred around the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Sun Anmin, deputy director of the National People’s Congress (NPC) law committee is reported as saying “There are many golf courses in Beijing, but only the one close to the Ming Tombs has been legally approved,”
The first club built, the Beijing International Golf Club, which borders the Ming Tombs reservoir, was built in Beijing in 1986.

The Jack Nicklaus-designed Pine Valley as well as the Beijing Honghua and the CBD International, which have both hosted the European Tour sanctioned China Open in recent years are amongst those courses deemed illegal. .

However there is good news for China’s golfers, Sun has suggested that the developments be given legal status retroactively. His reasoning being that golf courses have helped China’s economy by providing employment and green spaces in urban areas helped improve the environment.

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What a Time For This Headline.

We happened to travel on the airline Virgin Blue over the weekend, and opened up the inflight magazine. Inside was an article on the World’s number one golfer, Tiger Woods and the the headline which at the present time seemed rather appropriate was “Tiger Sightings.” Did the author know something the rest of us didn’t when he penned that? It would appear not, but has become rather apt at the present time.

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Tiger’s Tale – A Personal Story

“Although I am a well-known person and have made my career as a professional athlete, I have been dismayed to realize the full extent of what tabloid scrutiny really means” says Tiger Woods on his website about the events of the past week.

Was he being naïve to believe the tabloid media would not pry into his personal life, or did he deserve his private life to be respected and not become part of the public’s breakfast fare?

The actor Paul Newman famously never signed an autograph after a fan came up to him at a urinal and asked him for his signature. As we continue to invade our sports stars – and other public figures – lives do we risk losing so much more?

It used to be that children could run up to their heroes at a sporting venue on the pitch after games and pat them on the back, or request an autograph, but those days have long gone and it is regrettable.

Just like some stars will no longer sign autographs for adults for fear that within 24 hours they will be turned into a business item on e-bay or some similar outlet.

For five minutes of titillation we inflict so much more pain on those we supposedly admire. We also run the risk of losing contact with them as real people, as who can blame a star from walking away from the media, and an over enquiring public.

Sure anyone in the public eye, who as a result of their chosen profession earns vast sums of money and is adored by children, has a moral responsibility to behave in a certain way in public. Like it or not that comes with the territory, you are a role model.

However there has to be a line as to when they are public property and when they are not.

It is our belief that if they are at their place of work, e.g. the ground on match day or at the training ground or a sporting event they are fair game to be approached for an autograph.

If they are at dinner with friends respect should be paid. Wait until maybe they have finished and approach politely, and give them the option to turn you down if they feel it is inappropriate. Outside, in their private world they should be allowed to live. If they want privacy respect it.

Tiger Woods has been a wonderful ambassador and also very generous to certain individuals and charities. The man has made a mistake, sadly a public one, but ultimately it is none of our business, and nor should it be.

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Spirit of the game?

Fortunate to play in a corporate gold day this week, and as is the norm, it was a great day on the course, even though I spent more time exploring the flora and fauna alongside the fairway.

Is that not the idea of corporate days, to enjoy the camaraderie and meet new people?

This particular day saw one team come in 7 under par playing four ball ambrose, with all of them having handicaps of 27. One hell of a performance wouldn’t you say? It then transpired that two or three of them play two or three times every week, but on public courses so do not have official handicaps. This is of course within the rules to then give your handicap as the maximum 27.

One gentleman became very hot under the collar about the whole issue, saying that this made a mockery of the day. He too had a point.

Surely if you play as much as these gentlemen, you may not have an official handicap, but it is embarrassing to put down 27 and play to under 20? Does winning mean that much at a corporate golf day?

Then as for the guy who was so upset, again, a corporate day is surely not about winning. If you get a prize it is simply a bonus to a day out, one that is better than being stuck in an office?

Or have we misunderstood the spirit of the game?

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