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Off Air

Regular listeners may have noticed that we have gone off air slightly earlier than normal this year, our apologies for that.

Anna is in Argentina with the Hockeyroos where they reached the final of the Champions Trophy and took Argentina to a shoot out, but sadly lost. Simon is in India with the Kookaburras at the men’s Champion’s Trophy where Australia are looking to revitalise their squad and are blooding players for the future.

Regular host Ashley is currently in Europe filming for two documentaries that he is currently working on, one ( “Fight in the Dog”) about three Irish rugby players who all played for the same club, all played for Ireland and all were awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military honour in Britain. The other (“Return to Your Corner”) is about the first ever African born World Boxing Champion who is in the record books as being French, as this was the colonial power at the time.

That left John all alone in the studio, and as he has worked tirelessly through the year at the station and working on Not the Footy Show, it seemed only fair that he be given an early break this year.

We hope to be back again in 2015 as the show is now in its 9th year and has aired over 400 shows and 75 sports. We will keep you posted here and on Facebook.

From all of us at the show have a great Christmas and a healthy 2015.

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Tonight on Not the Footy – 26 May 2010

You would think it would be hard to keep making a sports show interesting week in week out, but when you have so many sports to talk about and guests who excel it really makes life easy.
Once again we have a fascinating show lined up for you this week.

We will be talking Football with WA’s only ever Captain of the Socceroos Gary Marrocchi, as he prepares his team of former players to defend their World Masters title in Thailand. No doubt he will also want to talk about the World Cup which starts in under three weeks.

We will be catching up with Shane Tonkin whose name for many years was synonymous with Baseball about his new role with Hockey Australia and the challenges ahead. For those who don’t know Shane was a youth international at Hockey as well as an Olympian with his baseball!

We will be catching up with Glynn Bunting to talk Squash, as Perth’s Squash factory prepares to host the Black Knight Open which carries WISPA status and will feature world ranked players representing six different countries.

Kite surfing
We will also be catching up with Kite Surfer Tony Loxton who is off on a very different kind of Safari. He is going on a kite- surfing safari to Madagascar, and tonight he tells us how this came about and what he expects.

Rugby league
We will also be talking Rugby league with a man who can genuinely be called a legend of the game, the one and only Gordon Tallis.

We will also catch up with one of the girls from the West Coast Fever following their recent attempt to halt the Swifts unbeaten run, and as they prepare for another home game next Monday against the Pulse.

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Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 19 May 2010

One Perth Sports show was hailed as the most “intellectual sports show in Perth,” and congratulations to them, our boast is that we are the most diverse sports show in Perth and possibly the most interesting, if you are a true sports fan.

So be sure to tune in tonight and you be the judge.

The Speedway Sedan Racing Club held their awards night last weekend and we catch up with Kodee Brown from Broome who picked up one of the awards.

We will stay in Broome to talk to Janek Gazecki who is hosting the first Polo on the beach tournament there this weekend. It sounds extremely civilised, and will hopefully become a regular event.

A fortnight a go we spoke to Sutherlan Scudds as he had won his first national fencing title, he was off to Thailand that night to take part in a World event, tonight we will find out how well he fared.

The West Coast Fever had a bye last week at a time when most of them wanted to be on the court and maintain the momentum of their win over the Vixens. Tonight we catch up with Leah Shoard as they prepare to take on her old club the Swifts.

We had hoped to talk to Neil Robertson, the newly crowned Snooker Champion last week, but his partner went into labour during the show, so he was otherwise engaged. This week we hope he is a little more relaxed and can have a chat with us.

Football West finally have a new CEO, a man with a fantastic resume, Peter Hugg, we will be talking to him about whether he feels the pressure of being hailed a possible messiah for the game in Western Australia.

We will also be talking mountaineering as a team from Perth embark on a trip to scale Mont Blanc, they are doing this to raise funds for the cancer ward at Princess Margaret Hospital for children, and Rick Parish will tell us about the trip and the fundraising dinner this weekend.

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Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 12 May 2010

Hit a Home run by tuning into Not The Footy Show tonight .

Tonight’s show has a real wining feeling about it, as we catch up with several athletes who have been successful in the past week.

Every baseball player dreams of hitting a home run in their first time up to bat in the Major leagues, Few get to live that dream, but WA’s very own Luke Hughes did a week ago and tonight he joins us to talk about the

The West Coast Fever managed to get back to winning ways and tonight we catch up with Josie Janz’s jury replacement, Bianca Reddy to talk about their victory over the Vixens.

Neil Roberston has been on the show before, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome him back, this time as World Champion in Snooker.

Lisa Camilleri is another who has had a good week winning the Top End open Squash tournament in Darwin.She will join us to talk about that and the upcoming tournaments in Perth.

Skate boarding
Joshua McMurray is another man with a great future in his sport, he is the 2009 Australian unsponsored Skate Board Champion, however he is also up for a WA Youth Award for his pro-active youth leadership. We will talk to this 17 year old about what drives him and what is next in the skateboarding world.

The HBF Run for a reason takes place in a little over a week and tonight we find out more from Andrew Walton from HBF.

Standing at the Touchlines
Regular host Ashley Morrison will soon be heading off to Africa to film a documentary on the World cup called “Standing at the Touchlines” If you want to keep up to date check out the website

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Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 28 April 2010

Listening to “Not The Footy Show’ is like a degustation meal, the courses, in this case the sports just keep coming, and the quality is superb. Tonight’s show is no different.

Except that if you miss it this week because you have training, or it’s your partner’s birthday, you can listen to our podcast tomorrow! Be sure to tell your friends to go back through their newsletters and pick out the interviews they missed.

WAIS scholarship holder Sutherlan Scudds recently won the Sabre competition in the opening round of this year’s Australian Fencing Federation Competition, and is about to head overseas for the World Championships, he will join us to preview his chances and talk about how a change in location has helped his form.

Perth born Rachael Dodds may have Cerebral Palsy but it has not stopped her breaking a World Record in the 200m for Athletes with a disability, at the recent athletics meet in Perth. Despite now living in Queensland, WA is still proud of this 15 year old’s achievement and we will catch up with her.

Former Sorrento goalkeeper and now Newcastle Jets stopper Neil Young broke his nose in the A league last season and went in for what he thought would be a routine operation. It did not turn out that way and he spent two weeks in Intensive care and lost 40kgs. Tonight he will join us to talk about what must have been terrifying, and how his recovery is coming along.

Wheelchair rugby
The Four Nations Murderball test series gets under way in Sydney tomorrow and we will talk to team stalwart Steve Porter from the Steelers.

The West Coast Fever slipped to their fourth defeat in a row, which has been a big surprise after the season promised so much at the start. Tonight we will talk to Shae Bolton about the mood in the camp and how they will win this week.

Ultimate Championships
The national Ultimate Championships were held in Adelaide over the weekend. What is Ultimate? It is a none contact sport played with a disc (we cannot say Frisbee as this is a trademarked name)

Rugby Union
Joelin Rapana from the Emirates Western Force will also join us to preview this Friday night’s clash with the Crusaders and also tell us a little more about NASCA, a program that he will be taking part in.

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Not the Footy Show now Podcasting!

Subscribe to the Not the Footy Show podcastFans of our show can now listen to us online via our Podcasts!

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Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 21 April 2010

Tonight we have a first on Not the footy Show as we feature three different forms of Rugby, Rugby Union, Rugby League and for the first time Wheelchair rugby, or “Murderball” as it is more commonly known.

We will also be giving you a chance to win tickets to watch the West Coast Fever in action

Rugby league
CEO of the South Sydney Rabbitohs Shane Richardson was in town this week and we catch up with him to discuss their game in Perth on June 26th against the Melbourne Storm.

Rugby union
Joelin Rapana from the Emirates Western Force will also join us to preview this Friday night’s clash with the Crusaders and also tell us a little more about NASCA, a program that he will be taking part in.

Wheelchair rugby
To complete our complement of Rugby we will be talking to Australian Wheelchair Rugby Team Manager Kim Elwood, as the Steelers prepare for the upcoming 4 Nations test series in Sydney.

Boxer Claire Ghabrial returned from Ankara in Turkey this week with a gold medal around her neck, and she will join us to talk about the championships and the upcoming World Championships.

Western Australia has sent a team of riders over to Adelaide for the 2010 Special Olympics, to take part in the Equestrian event. It is hoped that this will become a regular part of the Olympic program, and we will catch up with a member of the team.

The West Coast Fever went down to the unbeaten Sydney Swifts last weekend and they will be looking to get back to winning ways immediately, although there are concerns over some of the girls due to injury. Tonight we will catch up with Sarah Ebbott

It is one thing to attempt to sail around Australia’s coastline solo, but it is even more of a challenge when you are a quadriplegic. Rockingham’s Jamie Dunross will join us tonight from Tasmania which is the second stop in this remarkable challenge. You can follow Jamie’s progress on his blog

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Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 14 April 2010

Winter is upon us, and although it is sad to see the sun a little less than we had, it means we can welcome the winter sports back. Although tonight we will be looking at a few indoor sports as well.

Wheelchair basketball
The Western Stars were on court in Sydney last week in the Women’s National Wheelchair basketball League and we will catch up with Amber Merritt, who is headed back over east for the Kevin Coombes Cup.

Luke Bunting is a young Western Australian Squash player with a bright future ahead of him, and at the weekend he fulfilled the potential that many have seen in him winning Chris Dittmar Challenge and the Vicki Cardwell National Junior Classic. He will join us to talk about these victories and the future.

Last week it was Irene van Dyk, this week its Catherine Cox, there are no easy days at the office for West Coast Fever’s Goal Keeper Susan Fuhrmann, but she relishes every minute, and tonight she will explain why.

Rugby league
John Sackson the CEO of WA Rugby League will join us to talk about the sponsorship news for their SG Ball side, and also David Gallop’s plans for the Reds to rejoin the NRL.

After a short break to level, Athletics is back in Perth at the new stadium at AK Reserve for the first time and it promises to be a great first meet at the new venue. CEO of WA Athletics Wayne Loxley will join us to preview the upcoming meet.

Super Sedans
Its Grand Final night for the Super Sedans at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday 17th of April and second placed Kodee Brown is looking to catch Gary “Dusty” Higgs for the Championship. Last time Kodee was due to be on the show he had a mishap with a tyre! Tune in to find out what transpired.

Finally England Cricket great Sir Alec Bedser passed away last week. Sir Alec was a guest on ths show a few years ago, and we will replay the interview that we did with him as a tribute to this wonderful cricketer, whose performances are often overlooked.

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Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 31 March 2010

Another week and another show, but not just any show, because on “Not The Footy Show” we bring you so much Variety Mr Heinz would be proud of us.

Tonight we draw the winner of the overnight stay at the Bannister Suites in Fremantle, if you were unable to recognise the voice tune in tonight. Entries closed last night at midnight.

The national Petanque Championships are being held in Perth this weekend and tonight we will catch up with Kim Douglas to see how the favourites are and where the event is taking place.

Rugby Union
Mark Swanepoel from the Emirates Western Force made his debut at the weekend in a spirited match against the top of the table Blue Bulls; he will join us to talk about whether it matched his expectations.

We will be talking super sedans with Kodee Brown as this young man is on the verge of back-to-back state titles this weekend at Albany Speedway. Gary Higgs has the lead can Kodee catch him?

The West Coast Fever won their opening home game and by a record margin, which augurs well for the season ahead. Tonight we will talk to Janelle Lawson

The super speedway juniors comes to a close this weekend and that too has gone down to the wire. Tonight we will catch up with Kelly McArthur to discuss the weekend ahead and the recent series against New Zealand, where she captained Australia.

To Football fans from the ‘Old Dart’ ’66 has a very special place in their hearts. To one Perth shop owner it means that little bit ‘Moore.’ Find out what Damian Connolly from Football Emporium is up to now in the name of Charity.

Winter Paralympics
We also hope to catch up with one of Australia’s returning Winter Olympic Paralympic medallists, so tune in to hear who will share their experience with us.

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Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 17 March 2010

After not being able to go to air last week due to circumstances beyond our control we are raring to go this week.

To make up for lost time we will be cramming tonight’s show full of guests and a variety of sports.

You will also have a chance to win an overnight stay at the new Bannister Suites in Fremantle, so be sure to tune in to find out how.

Crossfit games
We will be catching up briefly with Stef Sifandfos who we were going to talk to last week about the Crossfit Games, as well as Josh Court about his recent beach Volleyball success.

Rugby Union
The Emirates Western Force had another bad weekend at the office and we will catch up with the man in the front row, Nic Henderson, as we look a head to this weekend’s clash with the Waratahs.

The Kookaburras won the World Cup for the first time since 1986 and tonight we will catch up with one of their players.

Up and coming young driver Glen Mears will be joining us before he takes part in the Wild West Series Round 2 this weekend in Margaret River. We will also be talking to his sponsor Phil Moore in Busselton.

We will also have a double dose of cycling with Matt Bissett the event organiser of the Freeway Bike Hike and speak to someone about a mountain biking trail from Mundaring to Nannup.

Last week we had hoped to hear from West Coast Fever’s Sarah Ebbott as their season commences this weekend, this week we will!

The Commonwealth Games boxing trials will be held at the Esplanade Fremantle from Thursday this week and we will preview the event with Geoff Peterson.

If you fancy something a little more sedate, you could head out to the Swan Valley for the Swan Autumn Polo Festival, Rebecca Tilbrook will join us to tell us more about the Chandon GRD Cup, the Auto Classic BMW WA Open and the Westrac Hart Cup.

Winter Olympics
We even hope to hear more about the Winter Olympics from Michael Fontein who has returned from Vancouver.

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